Julian Lass

mnemonika: a short film by Julian Lass (2013) 11'

In 2009 I travelled to the Baltic coast, Germany, to photograph the small town Timmendorfer Strand where my mother grew up. I returned with many pictures of nothing in particular other than a general feeling of time spent lingering in the places she had so often described to me. For a long time I tried to push these photographs into some kind of meaning until I decided to show them to my mother and film her recollections of a time before the illness that would affect so many of her memories. Perhaps the only conclusion I can make from this is that only by reconnecting things through her could I attempt to grasp at something more than the mere recording of facts. In this way I began to understand that an event becomes meaningful after its beginnings have already been plotted, and that although images help us to remember, they also later reveal strange connections that can't be glimpsed, so that the forging of new associations cannot be explained by cause and effect alone.